The Once Animated Soul of Bernard Madoff

Who is his Ancient Double?
What are his Words of Power?

Visitors participating in my computer assisted interactive installation "The Animated Soul: Gateway to your Ka"(1991), would have found their own answers to these questions.

Your Ka is your double. Everyone has a double. The double has a designated purpose in life. It is assigned "words of power" that can expedite this purpose and yield power in the present. In ancient Egypt the "words of power" had the magical formula for carrying out wishes and needs for a safe journey into the next world.

Following rituals laid out in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, I mapped the rites for attaining everlasting life into a Hypercard computer program.

Participants' selections of western icons, depicted on the computer screen, determined their personal pathway to eternal existence. The participant, before making the transformation into a living soul, must confess a declaration of innocence (a "negative confession") before the god Osiris in a court of judges.

Bernard Madoff, a former chairman of the Nasdaq Stock Market, and head of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, was recently arrested by the F.B.I. He is accused of using funds paid by new investors to pay existing investors for what they thought were reliable returns. He perpetrated a Ponzi scheme; a $50 billion global fraud, that has impacted thousands of investors and financial institutions worldwide.

What selections would Bernie Madoff have made as a participant in "The Animated Soul"? Under the guidance of the soul-bird (a human headed hawk), what choices would lead him to his ancient double?

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It would be difficult for Madoff to protest his innocence since he'd already confessed to his employees (his two sons) and to the F.B.I.